Protecting Employee Health and Safety in the Workplace


On completion of the workshop you will have started to develop action plans that will enable you to:

  • Ensure appropriate health and safety objectives are established and managed
  • Ensure health and safety management policies and procedures are effectively documented and communicated, easily accessed and regularly used
  • Improve procedures for auditing health and safety performance, reporting, investigating and resolving all accidents and dangerous occurrences and non-conformances
  • Identify all processes / activities where employee health or safety could be at risk and produce associated risk assessments, method statements and safe working practice work instructions
  • Ensure all employees receive training necessary to enable them to carry out their job roles in accordance with the associated safe working practices
  • Improve procedures for producing documented COSHH assessments and introducing appropriate control measures
  • Introduce procedures that will ensure appropriate safety devices / systems are provided and maintained in good working order
  • Ensure activities where PPE has to be used are clearly defined, effectively signed and effectively enforced
  • Introduce procedures that will ensure that plant and equipment perform within specified noise, emission and vibration level
  • Ensure that appropriate material handling methods are used
  • Make full and effective use of ICT

Procedures provided – How to:-

  • Conduct and manage health and safety audits
  • Manage accidents and incidents
  • Conduct health and safety job induction training for operatives
  • Conduct risk assessments and produce method statements
  • Control use of hazardous substances
  • Ensure adequate provision and maintenance of safety systems
  • Produce safe working practice work instructions
  • Ensure plant and equipment perform within specified noises, emission and vibration levels

Templates provided:-

  • Risk assessment form
  • Health and safety audit check list
  • Accident/ incidence report
  • Safe working practice work instruction sheet