Managing Business Performance for Continuous Improvement – Embracing Lean Business


On completion of the workshop you will have:

  • Best practice business performance management review process established
  • Best practice processes for managing fiance, reducing cost and eliminating non value added activities established
  • Best practice process for ensuring job performance and work methods are regularly reviews with job holders, and their improvement ideas are sought and acted upon established
  • Best practice processes for involving employees and suppliers in continuous improvements established 
  • Best practice process for monitoring / improving customer satisfaction and resolving customer concerns established
  • Appropriate preferred supplier strategy and best practice process for selecting and managing your preferred suppliers established
  • Best practice processes for selecting suppliers and managing suppliers performance established
  • Established strategies and techniques that will enable you to make better use of your time
  • Some actiond that could be taken to make it easier for customers and suppliers to do business with you established
  • Mutually beneficial collaborative arrangement with selected College and University established

Best Practice Procedures provided:-

  • Conducting business performance review meetings
  • Managing and improving job performance
  • Managing fiance, reducing costs and non valued added activities
  • Improving effectiveness of business leaders
  • Improving and managing sales and marketing
  • Resolving customer concerns and managing customer relationships
  • Assessing and selecting suppliers
  • Managing and improving supplier performance

Templates provided:-

  • Continuous improvement proposal report 
  • Customer concern report
  • Problem cost analysis report
  • Supplier performance concern report