Improving Quality Management System and Reducing Associated Costs


On completion of the workshop you will have started to develop action plans that will enable you to:

  • Simplify your quality management system and reduce associated administration cost
  • Ensure quality management policies and procedures are appropriately documented, effectively communicated, easily accessed and regularly used
  • Improve procedures for auditing quality management system, reporting, investigating and resolving all non-conformance
  • Improve procedures for identifying and documenting customer quality requirements
  • Provide quality plans setting out how quality is to be controlled thru all stages of production
  • Provide appropriate documentation / work instructions for each production operation detailing methods to be used to assure product quality
  • Ensure appropriate and effective use is made of SPC, mistake proofing neighbour checks
  • Improve procedures for defining and communicating quality standards
  • Improve procedures for monitoring and improving customer satisfaction and resolving customer concerns
  • Improve procedures for monitoring quality performance, investigating and resolving quality related problems
  • Improve procedures for controlling quality of incoming materials and managing performance of suppliers
  • Make full and effective use of ICT

Procedures provided – How to:-

  • Identify and document customer quality requirements
  • Complete design and manufacturing feasibilities reviews
  • Complete contract reviews
  • Produce and provide quality plans and associated work instructions
  • Manage customers relationships and customers satisfaction
  • Manage and resolve customer concerns
  • Monitor and improve quality performance and resolve quality related problems
  • Control and maintain production processes
  • Monitor and improve supplier performance and resolve related problems

Templates provided:-

  • Customer satisfaction survey report
  • Customer concern resolution report
  • Internal quality concern resolution report
  • Purchased material quality concern resolution report