Improving Leadership and Getting the Best Out of Your People


On completion of the workshop you will have:

  • Personal attributes, leadership and general management skills necessary for effective business leadership established
  • Actions required to enable senior managers to focus more of their time on building a better business taken
  • Job role and competency profiles produced for all jobs defining principle job activities, job specific and transferable skills and required personal attributes
  • Best practice organizational and employee development process established
  • Organizational and employee development plan defining the actions required to eliminate staff shortage and achieve the required up skill of existing employees produced 
  • Relationships with local colleges and universities established to help facilitate recruitment of people of required quality
  • The company values and business ethics required to underpin desired culture and help guide behavior of all employees defined and agreed
  • People leadership style that will get best out of employees established and appropriate measurable standards defined
  • Process that enables employees to assess their manager’s people leadership established
  • Measurable standards for desired employee behaviors / work ethic established and incorporated into the job role and competency profiles
  • Actions required to ensure employees are provided with quality of work life and the company builds a reputation as a preferred employer taken
  • Actions taken to ensure employees receive due recognition for their contribution to continuous improvements
  • Actions taken to ensure employees are given time to participate in activities that increases their well being
  • Action taken to ensure employees are given the opportunity to realize their full potential
  • Actions taken to ensure employees are responsible for and given control of their work activities and work environment

Best Practice Procedures provided:-

  • Improve people leadership and employee work ethic
  • Managing organisational and employee development
  • Involving employees in continuous improvements activities
  • Managing communications

Templates provided:-

  • Organisational and employee development plan
  • Job role and competency profile – Manager
  • Job role and competency profile – Staff
  • Employee appraisal report – Manager
  • Employee appraisal report – Staff 
  • Training module