Establishing your Strategies for Success


On completion of the workshop you will have:

  • A clear understanding of the origins of the proposed generic strategies for success and the characteristic common to most successful businesses established
  • The generic strategies that can be use to build a better business and achieve sustainable growth understood
  • Core business processes appraised against best practice and priority areas for improvement identified

Strategies and actions plans developed that will help you to:

  • Establish an integrated strategic business planning and business improvement process that will drive continuous improvement from the top down in your business
  • Strengthen and improve capability and performance of your management team
  • Effectively mange and continually improve business and job performance
  • Effectively manage and continually improve business and job performance
  • Build mutually beneficial partnerships with customers, suppliers and other key organisations
  • Improve company culture and leadership style that gets the best out of employees and provide employees with quality of work life
  • Build an organisation of competence and character to ensure you have the necessary skills and work ethic
  • Fully embrace the principles and practices of lean business and lean manufacturing to reduce cost, eliminate waste and improve productivity


  • Business  appraisal

Procedures provided – How to:-

  • Improve effectiveness of business leaders