Applying lean manufacturing principles and techniques to improve existing products


On completion of the workshop you will have:

  • Actions taken to ensure principles and practices of lean manufacturing are embraced and employees receive appropriate training in associated tools and techniques
  • Process flow diagrams describing each stage of the production process in sequence produced
  • Standard operating procedures for each production operation produced and existing standard times determined
  • Design for manufacture review meetings conducted and design change that would reduce time to produce or increase level of quality assurance identified
  • Changes to manufacturing methods that would reduce time to produce, or increase level of quality assurance and reduce waste identified
  • Identified changes to product design and manufacturing / quality assurance methods implemented
  • Standard operating procedures introduced, new standard times determined, associated control plans
  • More effective process for identifying and resolving problems that have had the most impact on customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, non standard costs introduced
  • A 5S’s programme as mean of improving workplace organisation / environment and improving material flow established

Best Practice Procedures provided:-

  • Developing and documenting product design and managing design changes
  • Developing and documenting the manufacturing system
  • Advanced quality planning
  • Improving workplace organization and environment
  • Resolving problems effecting operational performance

Templates provided-:

  • Process flow diagrams
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Control plans