Applying lean manufacturing principles and techniques to develop and introduce new products


On completion of the workshop you will have started to

  • Identifying and validating new product development opportunities
  • Establishing and defining outline manufacturing concept and producing costs estimates
  • Producing costs estimates, preparing and submitting quotation, completing contract review, and obtaining customer approval
  • Finalizing and maintaining project timing plan and material plans for purchased items
  • Completing design for manufacture reviews and design and process FMEAs
  • Completing manufacturing system review, issuing specification/ drawings and selecting suppliers
  • Producing process flow diagrams and standard operation procedures
  • Producing control plans for each key product and its associated production processes
  • Providing specific work instruction and visual aids as and where necessary
  • Where necessary providing work instructions to define safe working practices
  • Completing validation of the manufacturing systems
  • Completing first production samples build and obtaining customer approval

Best Practice Procedures provided:-

  • Developing and introducing new products
  • Developing and documenting product design and managing design changes
  • Developing and documenting the manufacturing system
  • Advanced quality planning
  • Validation and approval of product design and first production sample build

Templates provided:-

  • Process flow diagrams
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Control plans
  • Supplier performance concern report